I’m Back….

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a long time, and I’m sorry to have kept you (all two of you) waiting (if, indeed, you’ve bothered to wait).  Writing a blog is not something I’m used to doing, and it has not been much of a priority.  No doubt you can also find more interesting sources on Iceland.  But I will try to bring this page up to date.

That being said, I want to correct a comment I made in my last post.  The æ is in fact the easier letter to write in cursive than the ð.  Although the ð is apparently an older style of d with a cross through its stem, nobody seems willing to modify the slant in the ð’s stem (in cursive) to look like a d and simply cross that.  I can’t say I would like this at all either.  The cursive ð, therefore, may require a break in the continuation of the script mid-word.  You can achieve the cursive æ, on the other hand, by just widening the would-be stem of the lower-case a into a loop.  Unfortunately this looks dangerously similar to the œ, which you find in some Old Norse texts, but there had to be something to complicate this.

Thanks for reading,


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