Another brief digression…

I will get around to continuing my fall travel report relatively soon, but in the mean-time, I have another piece of great news that I think that you may also find interesting.

While I’m not particularly keen on using Face-Book, I will not deny that it can, at times, be a great source of interesting information, especially if you have interesting contacts, and as an MA student in a fairly obscure field of study, I can confidently say that I have plenty of them.  One such acquaintance posted a link to a very exciting article in the Guardian that announced the rediscovery of five hundred German Fairy-tales compiled by Franz Xaver von Schönworth (try saying that ten times fast), a folklorist contemporary to the much more famous Jacob Grimm.  The stories were found in a library in Regensburg just a few years ago, and scholars have already begun to translate them into English.  Here’s a link to the article:

Oh boy!


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