Laxdæla Saga

Hello Readership,

I’m sorry to make you wait again, but I should be able to put up the next several posts in fairly quick succession.  Thanks for your patience so far.  I realize that these pictures from the Westfjords, not to mention those from Britain, have interrupted the order of the pictures from the fall, but I’ve abandoned hope of chronological consistency.

The next two stops on our trip were both at sites that were significant in Laxdaela Saga.  Fittingly then, these were both sites near to Laxardal, or Salmon Dale in English.  This is probably one of the top three of the Islendingasögur to read if you’re going to read more than one (I’d rank Brennu-Njáls Saga and Egils Saga both higher).  Though it does, like many other Sagas, span several generations, the heart of the story takes place in one of the later generations, in which a fickle woman named Guðrún goes through several husbands and boyfriends, usually manipulating them into feuds of various sorts to kill each other off.

The first site we visited was a church at Hjarðarholt, the homestead built by Ólafr Höskuldsson, nicknamed Ólafr Pái, which means Ólafr the Peacock.  He is one of the Saga’s main characters and the father of the saga’s chief hero, Kjartan.

The church here now is, of course, much more recent than the goings on in the Saga, but then, most buildings in Iceland are.

Here is the inside:

The next stop was at Kjartanssteinn, which means Kjartan’s Stone.  According to local tradition, it was by this stone that Kjartan met his tragic death.

Don’t worry: I won’t show you any more pictures of rocks.  But that is it for this post.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll be back shortly.


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  1. Stella Brown says:

    Hope you are enjoying your visit home in S.A.,

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