National Day – 2012

While typing up my last post, I failed to remember that it was Icelandic National Day, the day the Icelanders celebrate their independence from Denmark and the founding of the Icelandic Republic on June 17th, 1944.  I went downtown to try to find lunch, and I found the streets of Reykjavík more crowded than I’ve ever seen them before (which is to say, crowded).

So here are a few pictures from the shindig.

It seems none of these pictures really convey how crowded it was.

Here you can see the University in the background.

So there you go.  We’ll return to pictures of the Westfjords trip in the next post.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to National Day – 2012

  1. Stella Brown says:

    Bond, interested in the date of Iceland’s independence. Did the invasiion of Normandy on June 6,
    1944 (WW II) have any influence on this happening? Just think the date is interesting.

    • Bond West says:

      Howdy Stella! I didn’t know till just now I could write back to you in these comments.
      But in answer to your question: from what I’ve found online, it looks like when Iceland was officially joined to Denmark in 1918, there was a clause in the treaty that allowed for them to revise the union in 1943. Because Germany still occupied Denmark in 1943, though, they had to wait until 1944. I can’t claim to know all of the legal details, but I hope that answers the question.
      Thanks so much for reading my website. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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