National Park


Hello Readers,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you again.  I’ve been busy writing and have been hoping to get done before the end of the year (this project has already gone overtime much too much already).  I also can’t remember the name of the national park where I took these pictures.  It’s sort of sad, but it’s also the price I’m paying for not uploading these back in July shortly after actually taking them when I might still have remembered.  So I’ll tell you what: I’ll put them up here now and, if and when I learn the name of the park, I’ll update this post in the usual fashion (by writing UPDATE next to the new material).  Chances are, you won’t see this post until it’s updated anyway, so you won’t know the difference.


So you’ll notice that there’s more vegetation here than in any of the other photos I’ve shown you from Iceland so far.  In fact, if you ignore the volcanic wasteland in the background, the landscaping in the foreground looks almost British (but not quite, and obviously not more British than Icelandic – I’m not sure the comparison was really that good).


This post also has a lot of waterfalls in it.  Enjoy!


I remember there was some sort of engine in this little house here.  I want to say it was a mill of some kind, but I can’t really remember.  Should have written it down.  But either way, I like this picture.


I also really like this picture.  It just begs for viewers to imagine some sort of creature living in it – maybe a fairy or an elf or something.  Seeing as this is Iceland, I suspect someone’s already come up with one and there’s a folktale about it.


Here’s a great shot of the tallest waterfall we saw on this hike.


In this closer shot, you can see that the waterfall is surrounded with basalt columns.


So I’m really sorry I don’t have better commentary for you.  I’ll have to write my traveling-mates to ask them what this place was called.  But I hope you at least enjoyed the pictures.  And Merry Christmas!  Gleðileg Jól!


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