Hello again!

So we arrived in Akureyri very late in the night, or maybe early in the morning.  After riding in the car all day, not sleeping much the night before, and never quite seeing the sun go down, it’s pretty hard to judge time.  But we camped out at a campground in town, and then after sleeping all of four hours, I took some pictures.

So first we have a church.  This was pretty close to the campground, and roughly in the center of town.  I think.  Anyway, you can see that this, like most Icelandic churches, is really modern.  I don’t normally care for modern looking – well anything, really, but especially not church buildings.  But I have to give the Icelanders credit for good sense here.  An American congregation with a hankering for a modern building would have erected something that looked like a Wal-Mart.  (Just look at any of the megachurches that flash their bright neon signs at highway drivers on the outskirts of town.)  In contrast, it seems that when Icelandic church-folk want something modern for their sanctuary, they also want it to reflect the fact that it’s going to be a part of a nearly 2000 year old tradition.  They incorporate the old into the new – or maybe vice-versa, it’s hard to say.


Another thing I like about Akureyri is all the color.  There are plenty of buildings in red and green and blue, and there were lots of colorful things strung across the streets.  It’s hard for a town to look uninviting with lots of colorful things strung across the streets.  It suited me pretty well.  I’m sorry I didn’t wind up spending more time there.

P1010433 P1010435 P1010436 P1010438 P1010439


And that’s Akureyri.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Thanks for looking.


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