Now here’s a change in pace.  In August I had the privilege of attending the International Saga Conference in Århus, Denmark.  I really liked Denmark, and I hope that you’ll like the pictures that I took of it.  I also really loved the conference, but I won’t be covering much of that.  There was a lot discussed there, but not a lot for photographing.  So I’ll show you the sites I saw.

Here’s the local cathedral.


P1010538 P1010544

And here’s what I think is the opera house.

P1010540 P1010541



I really liked this building, but I’m not sure what it is.  It was right across the street from the hostel I stayed in.


I especially liked the decorative chimney tops.


As much as I love Iceland, one thing about it that doesn’t wear well is the prevalence of modern architecture.  Århus doesn’t have this problem at all.  It has lots of nicely preserved old buildings that come in lots of fun designs and colors.  Here are just a few.

P1010557 P1010542 P1010539

I especially like this doorway.  It might actually be fairly new – I’m not sure.


I’m pleased to say that Århus, like San Antonio, has a River Walk.


P1010548 P1010555


P1010569 P1010571

Among the many fun aspects of the Saga Conference was that one of the local breweries made a special “Saga Brew” just for the occasion.

P1010559 P1010558

So there you go.  I loved visiting Århus.  Sadly, I’ve waited too long to tell you about it, and I’m short on things to say.  The scenery was great to see, the conference was fun to attend, and I found Denmark to be one of the most friendly and enjoyable places I’ve ever visited.  If given the opportunity, I’d return in a heartbeat.


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One Response to Århus!

  1. Stella Brown says:

    Beautiful architecture! You will have to write about the Saga conference.

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