And We’re Back!

Hello Loyal Readership,

I’m back.  Clearly I was wrong to say that my last post was, well, my last post.  Thanks so much to all of you who have come back.  I’ve started my MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic at the University of Cambridge, so there will be more photos, anecdotes, and random things coming your way.

So to kick things off, here’a  picture of my new home: Selwyn College.


Selwyn is named for George Augustus Selwyn, the first bishop of New Zealand.  It’s one of the new colleges, which means it was built after 1700 (1782 in this case).  Of course, as an American, I think this is just wonderful.  The old colleges were all built before 1600.  Here’s a picture of one:



What you see above is St. John’s College.  Incidentally, this is where George Augustus Selwyn stayed when he was at Cambridge himself.  As much as I’ve liked Selwyn so far, I have to admit that, visually speaking, it doesn’t compare to the old colleges.  But it has a great graduate student community and a now world-famous basset hound ‘very large cat‘.  (Pictures of said, ‘cat’ will come, don’t you worry).

Here are some cows:


Here’s another picture of some more stunning Tudor Gothic architecture:


And, because it just wouldn’t seem like my blog without gratuitous pictures of animals, here are some mallard-ducks:


Well, that’s it for now, but thanks for stopping by!  I hope to have more pictures for you soon.

Take care,




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