P1030310Hi again,

I’m sorry I don’t get around to writing very often.  In point of fact, I don’t get around to much of anything other than studying very often.  This is probably a habit I should fix, seeing as I’m in a foreign country and I ought to be doing a better job of exploring.

Anyway, here’s a relatively foreign experience for me: snow.  Of course, I did live in Iceland for a year, an island that, as you might guess from its name, does have snow enough for me to say I’ve experienced.  But as I’ve spent most of my life in south Texas, I can’t help but find snowy weather an occasion for photography.

Above, you’ll see Selwyn Chapel – and snow.  Below you’ll see blossoms of some sort covered in snow.


P1030311Here’s Selwyn Hall.  This is where we eat.  Our dining hall staff is really friendly.

P1030335Here’s a closer shot of the railing on the steps up to the hall.  Someone has decided that the snow all along the top could be rolled up.  I thought that was pretty clever and decided it needed to be documented.


P1030330Here’s the backside of Selwyn Chapel vied from inside Selwyn’s gardens.  They’re not that much to look at during the winter, but they’re pretty nice.

P1030334The gardens also have a little duck pond.  Here it’s frozen over, but on warmer days, you’ll see ducks and – more often – moorhens.

P1030325I’ve been really impressed with all of the little flowers that manage to grow in the cold.  I thought this was a nice picture of them.  I don’t know what kind they are.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!



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